Grayr “Harry” Berberyan


Mr. Berberyan is a tireless advocate for workers’ rights with a wide range of experience in many areas of law. Mr. Berberyan graduated from University of California – Los Angeles in 2003 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. He graduated from Southwestern University School of Law in 2007. Immediately after law school, Mr. Berberyan worked as an attorney for Loyola Law School’s Disability Rights Legal Center helping children with disabilities obtain individualized education plans specifically tailored to their needs. Mr. Berberyan also volunteered with the Hardcore Gangs Unit of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Unit. Mr. Berberyan transitioned into private practice as a Senior Associate Attorney for the law firm of Fuentes & McNally, LLP specializing in public entity defense. He gained extensive experience in litigation in all jurisdictions including, state and federal courts, criminal and civil cases, appellate review and administrative hearings. His experience included extensive law and motion practice, oral advocacy, propounding and responding to discovery and settlement negotiations. Mr. Berberyan has argued over one thousand motions in front of judges in Southern California. Mr. Berberyan is very passionate about his advocacy for the rights of workers in California. He represents employees in all facets of the litigation process including providing ongoing consultation, defending clients at depositions, drafting dispositive motions, appearing at hearings at the Workers Compensation Appeals Boards in Southern California and taking cases to trial. In his spare time, Mr. Berberyan loves spending time with his wife and two boys. He enjoys taking walks, watching movies and going fishing.

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