Rubin Resnick


Rubin Resnick has been working in civil litigation since his graduation from the University of San Diego in 2009. As an undergraduate Torrero, Rubin was a starting defensive linemen under tutelage of head coach Jim Harbaugh and part of a team that earned a Mid Major national championship. Following his time at USD, he earned his law degree from Maurice A. Dean School of Law at Hofstra University in 2014. As the son of an orthopedic surgeon who focused his practice on injured workers in Southern California for over 30 years, Rubin extends his family’s legacy towards the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area as a dedicated consumer advocate in workers’ compensation and personal injury. His professional tenacity is tailored to every client’s case to achieve ultimate resolution and success. During his off time, Rubin enjoys following current affairs and developing his nascent green thumb.

Our Three Pillars

We’ve Always Cherished the Three Pillars Which our Company has Always Stood Upon:

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With these three pillars we have: Earned our clients’ trust with us; Built our reputation on solid: Attract thousands of individuals, most of whom (99%) have successfully dealt with their legal conundrums with our timely and diligent help

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